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Entry level professionals

Would you like to start your career at the leading Nordic digital services company? You'll become part of a community of professionals passionate about shaping the future.

One of the main advantages of working in the leading Nordic digital services company is that you'll never have to make your mind up about what you want to do. The opportunities are endless, and we genuinely believe that as long as we keep improving our Shapers, they'll keep improving us (textbook win-win). This is what we had in mind when we decided to have a variety of educational and hands-on programs to choose from.

Recruitment Team

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Whether we can provide you with the last few pieces of the ‘do I want to work for TietoEVRY?’ puzzle, or simply keep you updated on job openings, Friends @TietoEVRY is the community to join.
Tailor your interests and receive crisp updates, putting you one step closer to a career with us.

Friends @TietoEVRY

Friends @TietoEVRY

Friends @TietoEVRY Norway

Stay updated on events and open jobs in Norway through Friends @TietoEVRY

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Friends @TietoEVRY

Friends @TietoEVRY Sweden

Stay updated on events and open jobs in Sweden through Friends @TietoEVRY

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Friends @TietoEVRY

Friends @TietoEVRY Finland

Stay updated on events and open jobs in Finland through Friends @TietoEVRY

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Graduate Program

Specialist track

A year packed with hands-on learning, being a part of our specialist teams. Roles that our former graduates have entered into after attending the program: SW Developer, Business and Cloud Consultant, Business Analysts and many more. Program benefits: You get a personal mentor, Experience from collaborating with multiple digital disciplines, International graduate networking events, Young professional network, Learning communities.

Rotation track within Financial Services (SWE)

In this setup you will be on Rotation in different parts of our Financial Services unit, where you will work with the latest FinTech technology​. This track is for students with an education in IT whom are fluent in Swedish and English. What we offer you: A personal mentor​, Experience from collaborating with Multiple digital disciplines​, International graduate networking events​, Young professional networks​, Learning Communities​.

Apply now!

Are you a student in tech and curious about what we do?

During this tech lunch, we will give you a short intro to TietoEVRY, and then dive into the discussion on a specific case in Sweden about digital inclusion, and how we want to make digital solutions accessible for everyone. In the end we will talk about our graduate program and share some tips with you.

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Meet our graduate alumnis

"After meeting various people who'd been trainees or graduates at TietoEVRY, I decided it was the right place for me."

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Summer trainees

Use your summer to network and gain valuable experience among innovative and talented colleagues. Your commitment, proactive approach and hunger to learn and share new ideas will be the cornerstone of your summer's success. With a quest for knowledge and an inquiring mind, maximize your access to industry thought leaders and solution masters. Time spent experiencing the inner workings of life at TietoEVRY is an investment in your future.

A place where future talents can challenge themselves

Sonja and Iiris spent their summer as a Business Development Trainees at our headquarters in Finland.

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A community of professionals & friends

TietoEVRY Young Professionals

Our Young Professionals community is a network, which brings together the young minded and active people working at TietoEVRY.

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Our Internship

Do you want an internship consisting of something more than getting coffee and filing meeting minutes? Do you want a challenging, exciting, and evolving experience to kick start your career? If your answer is yes – keep reading.

Our internship is designed to challenge you and release your creativity in the field of your choice. The internship is part of our Innovation Hub, where we develop and work with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

The internship is a programme that runs three times a year, giving you the opportunity to create innovative concepts and share insights that help us into the future. As an intern, you help us by challenging us as a company and help our customers to pave the way for new ways.

A few of the exciting technologies you'll be working with are artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) landing, cognitive computing, machine learning and Bank-as-a-Platform (BaaP), to name a few. You'll become an expert on your topic and to share your brand-new in-depth knowledge and predictions with your colleagues and the rest of the world.

Innovative processes are dependent on interdisciplinarity. Therefore, we want to emphasize that having candidates from a variety of backgrounds to TietoEVRY's internship is something we value.

As part of the internship, you get the opportunity to work in a start-up environment with the strength of over 24 000 colleagues who have your back. It's a creative and ambitious environment that helps to move mountains.

Meet our former interns

“An internship with us involves working on a long-term project as part of a team. The projects originate in dialogue with our customers and are based on real-life problems. They run over a four-month period, during which the interns are paid. Their assignments range from developing apps or researching a new concept to finding out how new technology can be applied to solve a problem.”

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